How to be cheerful after losing a loved one before the holidays.

This time of the year is so cheerful for many, yet a struggle for those who have lost loved ones. What can I do to cope with the “Merry” when the feeling isn’t there?


The holidays are wrapped up with gifts, parties, laughter and joy but they can also bring about feelings of loss and sadness. I know this to be true as this year will be difficult for our family. We lost our grandma, mother, uncle and there is no denying the pain. We’ve been communicating with each other to express our sadness, anger and emptiness. However, we’ve also been reminiscing about what our loved ones meant to us. In doing so, we’ve been able to capture some joy, some laughter and some peace.  Feelings aren’t right or wrong, they just are and each of us deals with grief differently. The common denominator is the love we have for those we lost. Finding that common ground gives us strength to hold us together. Reaching out to a support can help, whether it is a medical provider, friend, pastor, relative or even a stranger. A kind word, a hug, mentioning a resource can make a difference. Allow yourself to feel and draw comfort from doing for others. Create a new tradition in honor of someone you’ve lost.

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