Compassionate and dedicated caregivers.

Our clients deserve the best possible care. We believe by providing these six elements of the ideal client experience we will be able to offer exceptional care.

  • Professionalism – I am always respectful towards the client and I show up on time, ready to represent Freedom Home Care.
  • Consistency – I follow each care plan exactly, and always provide the high level of care our clients deserve.
  • Integrity – I earn the trust of the client, so they never have reason to question my honest and reliability.
  • Compassion – I care about the client and put their interests above my own.
  • Quality-trained – I seek to improve my skills and take advantage of the quality training provided to me.
  • Confidence – I follow the above, I go the extra mile, and I do it with a smile on my face so the client can have confidence in me.

Caregiver Portal

We are blessed to have a team of compassionate and dedicated caregivers. Thank you for being a part of that team! We now offer a Caregiver Portal or intranet for our caregivers with many valuable resources including shared documents, calendars, staff directory, online forums, announcements and caregiver resources relating to activities for clients and care tips. LOG IN

FHC Online Store

Be sure to check out the FHC Online Store that offers approved Freedom Home Care clothing and uniforms. When you look your best, you feel your best and you perform your best. FHC ONLINE STORE


Freedom Home Care offers our ongoing training to help our caregivers keep growing in their profession and provide the best possible care for our clients through Relias, a national training and certification company for the caregiving professions. As caregivers you have access to monthly staff training on various topics as determined by caregiver feedback. LEARN MORE or LOG IN TO RELIAS.