“I just have to say how appreciative we are of the amazing, caring people you have found to help my mom and dad. We love everyone and my folks think the same! You have definitely hit the mark in matching up people with our parents’ needs and personalities! Thank you so much!”


Client Family Member

“It truly means a lot to me to see the relationships that I have experienced at Freedom Home Care. It has really been inspiring to be able to connect with both the clients and their family members. What a wonderful thing to see how much the children and grandchildren care for their loved one!”



“It’s not just because the owners and staff at Freedom Home Care are incredibly friendly and encouraging but the clients are why I love working at Freedom Home Care. It’s so rewarding to get to know them and their families while working to keep them in their homes. It’s a blessing to know a difference is being made.”



“I like the continuity of having the same caregiver. Building that relationship is important to me.”



“We appreciate all of the help, patience, guidance, prayers and concern Freedom Home Care provides for us. When Mom was alive, the focus of our services was on her. Now that she’s gone, Dad needs the companionship and help Freedom Home Care provides. Dad’s caregivers do a great job. I’m glad there’s a male caregiver coming here at least once a week so Dad gets the male bonding he misses living with two women. It’s also such a comfort to me to know I don’t have to worry about Dad’s safety, when I have to go somewhere. I used to felt trapped here before Freedom Home Care came to help because I couldn’t find anybody to cover when I had to go somewhere. I am so thankful for the help!”


Client Family Member

“We’re so happy with your gals that come each week—and so is my mom. It gives her independence from us—and overall makes for peace!”


Client Family Member

“The clients and the families we care for and interact with are incredibly kind. It is rewarding to know that Freedom Home Care allows clients to stay in their homes as long as they can as well as giving freedom to both the client and their families.”



“They are more than just caregivers. I feel like they’re good friends—like we’ve been friends for years.”



“I feel appreciated by Freedom Home Care because… oh wow! How could I ever explain how much everyone means to me? I have always felt supported in every way. Everyone has always been understanding, kind, helpful and professional. Somehow, everyone, from Chris on down, has managed to create a culture of “family” without sacrificing the high standards that have made FHC the best in the business. I feel appreciated when I just walk in the office and see the friendly smiles. I feel appreciated because I know all of you are doing your best for us, your caregivers, even under the most taxing circumstances. Its an honor to work for FHC! You are all people of the highest integrity.”

Martie R.


“Thank you for providing such a wonderful service for my Mom! The caregivers are very qualified and hard working What I like the best is how kind they treat my Mom. They are so respectful, caring and personable. I highly recommend Freedom Home Care!!!”


Client Family Member

“I love it so much [working at Freedom Home Care]. I help with cooking, cleaning, transportation, and companionship. I play a lot of cards and rummikub! My schedule is flexible. They asked me my preferences and availability at the time of interview.

Linda K.


“Working as a social worker/case manager with Freedom Home Care has given me opportunities to meet fascinating people. Each time I meet a new client I am privileged to hear their story and have a role in serving their needs. Being able to focus on individualized client care enables me to foster a relationship with clients and families. I can’t put a value on the priceless connections I make with clients each day. I’ve been able to link clients to resources, take them to appointments, support them during “bad” news and I’ve even been able to be with clients and families at the end of life. One can not measure the value of hearing clients tell me, “You make a difference!” At Freedom Home Care we know the reason we are here is to meet client’s needs and make our client’s day a little brighter than before we showed up. It’s like in the commercial, “My job is priceless!”


Licensed Social Worker

“Working for Freedom Home Care has been a positive in my life in many ways. I have met clients who have over time, have turned to feel like family. I am lucky to work as a caregiver at a company that allows me to form relationships with individuals throughout the community, as well as work for a company that works well with my school schedule, as I am a full time student. I couldn’t imagine not having met the individuals that I have, or working anywhere else!”



“We are so thankful for Freedom Home Care! My mother has not only been able to remain in her home, but has had improving health and mobility due to the help she receives. The caregivers are very caring and have become an important part of my mother’s life. As the family members, we are also very pleased with how easy Freedom Home Care has been to work with. We have been able to modify the schedule and daily tasks according to the changing levels of care needed by my mother. Thank you Freedom Home Care!”

Tom and Patti

Client Family Member

“Freedom Home Care was such a blessing to my father, my family and me in a very emotional time of need. Their caregivers and nurses made all of our lives easier in dealing with this difficult time by giving us the ability to fulfill his wish of passing away in his home. The one-on-one care they gave to him was heartfelt. It was very important that he could keep his dignity going through the process of dying and they helped him have that. Through their compassion and reliability they quickly earned his and our trust. They helped us through some very difficult times and became very dear to us. We couldn’t have kept him home without them.”


Client Family Member

“Freedom Home Care demonstrates a true dedication to their clients through their willingness to collaborate and partner with other care providers. Their interest in educating themselves on all services available that may benefit individuals, positions them uniquely to provide thorough quality care. When working with Freedom Home Care, I have been most impressed with their professionalism, response time and open communication. Their focus on developing and shaping services to best fit the needs of our community solidifies their role as a valued resource.”


Adara Home Health Care

“The most rewarding experience I’ve had as a caregiver was being able to tuck my client into her own bed with her husband at night, and even though dementia wouldn’t allow her to remember even the names of her own children anymore, every night when I would start singing “You Are My Sunshine” she would light up with the biggest smile on her face, remember the words and chime in.”



“I love working for Freedom Home Care and I love working as a caregiver, period. I fully support Freedom Home Care because this company, and many others alike, allow clients to remain in their home for as long as possible with exceptional care and companionship. I genuinely feel as though I am bettering myself and those that I am caring for through this profession.”



“I am so thankful that I was a caregiver for Freedom, as I gained an abundance of experience that will be applied in my future as a nurse. Freedom was so flexible with scheduling for me too. I truly enjoyed working for Freedom and the variety of clients I was able to help. I have accepted a job as an RN on a short-term rehab unit. Thank you for the opportunity and I am sad to be done working here.”


Former Caregiver

“Freedom Home Care has allowed me to stay in my home for the last four years and counting. Thanks to all my great caregivers. They help me with daily tasks and up keep of my home. This has allowed my family to know I’m being well care for.”