Peace of mind while you are away.

Often times we are trying to juggle working full-time jobs, caring for our children and helping our parents or other aging family members. This makes it challenging to be everywhere we are needed at once. Many of us also no longer live close to our families or parents.


Case management and home care can give you the peace of mind that your aging family member will be well taken care of in your absence.


Many people in this situation sign up for our reasonably priced case management services on a month-to-month basis. We have someone who can check on your loved one daily, or as often as you wish. We can also assist with getting prescriptions from the pharmacy, running errands and lining up any assistance our client may need.


If the client can be safely transported in our company car, we are licensed and insured to transport. We not only transport to medical appointments, but accompany the client, providing information to medical personnel, updating their family and advocating for their needs.


Our clients can sign up for our 24-hour emergency contact service, giving them access to an on-call RN or a licensed social worker who will assist in accessing appropriate help. If your loved one becomes ill, we have a licensed professional on call 24/7 to help them and accompany them to doctor appointments or to the emergency room.


Home care offers in-home caregivers that can run errands, get groceries, provide companionship, assist with homemaking, and help with day-to-day chores. Caregivers are also able to provide assistance with dressing, feeding, grooming, bathing and using the bathroom.


Prior to starting services, we would gather all of your loved one’s necessary health care information, family contacts, and background information so that we would be able to effectively help them. We are diligent in keeping family members updated.


Many married couples use our services, recognizing that our staff provides valuable support to the care giving spouse. Our clients and their families have great peace of mind knowing we are there when they need us.