Solutions for patients that wish to stay in their home.

Home care and case management can be the perfect solutions for anyone wishing to remain independent in their home.

Ideal patients/referrals for home care are those who:

  • Clearly need more than what Medicare covers
  • Do not have a solid support system in place
  • See multiple physicians
  • Are at high risk for readmission to the hospital
  • Are frequent flyers to the ER
  • Have multiple chronic conditions
  • Need support transitioning to their home
  • Are using Palliative or hospice care

Ideal patients/referrals for case management are those who:

  • Have limited support from their family, or none at all
  • Want help, but needs to know the best way to get it
  • Have multiple or complicated medical, psychological, financial or legal issues
  • Health is at risk if they remain in their present living situation
  • Family members are overwhelmed and frustrated with the need to provide constant care
  • Family member have limited knowledge of the patient’s condition and needs, medical or otherwise
  • Family members disagree about which care solutions are best for the senior
  • Wants a change in care providers, but is unsure how to secure them
  • Lacks understanding about their housing, medical, financial or legal situation
  • Exhibits signs of dementia, and requires help in coping
  • Wishes to discuss long-term options

Referrals are quick and easy:

  • Call Freedom Home Care at 507-387-HOME (4663)
  • Set up a coordination of care meeting at your facility or an in-home assessment
  • Provide Freedom Home Care with any discharge or care instructions or at-home therapy exercises to be followed

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