We were referred by Dr. Pao in the Neurology Department at Mayo Clinic Medical Center in Mankato. We were having a second opinion from her of my Dad’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease. She did agree with the VA Medical Center’s diagnosis and she strongly suggested that I sign up for Elder Care Services/Freedom Home Care. That was five years ago and it was one of the most valuable recommendations I have received during my journey supporting my Dad and his aging process.


Our Case Manager has been great for me to work with and she is great at helping my Dad. I so appreciate that she is his Case Manager and she is like the Quarterback for my Dad’s healthcare team, helping make important ongoing connections with all of my Dad’s care team, including all of his doctors, and he has a lot of doctors, and the team at his Senior Living and Memory Care community. She even helps keep the connection with the Home Health Care staff who also see my Dad on a weekly basis to compare notes and observations. It honestly would be extremely difficult for me to support my Dad from where I live in Chicago, without his Case Manager’s professional expertise, wise counsel, and thoughtful care.

She has taken responsibility for all of my Dad’s health appointments and coached us to schedule these on Tuesday afternoons, so the Assisted Living center’s van can safely transport him now that his mobility is less stable. She is very knowledgeable about all of my Dad’s health and she keeps a special binder and documents his health statistics and the dates and events of all of his doctor’s appointments. Her up-to-date health binder is an important asset to my Dad’s ongoing care.

My Dad regularly sees his Dermatologist for important skin care on his pre-cancerous spots, his eye doctor for his glaucoma and eye sight difficulties (he is nearly legally blind), and his Dentist and Oral Surgeon where she accompanied him for a special surgery this past fall. My Dad’s Case Manager has also accompanied him to numerous Primary Care Physician appointments with Dr. McGuire at Mayo Clinic Medical Center, when my Dad was still able to go to those appointments. She also coordinates with the Bluestone Health Team and Dr. Brennan who now sees my Dad once a month at his Assisted Living Memory Care apartment.

Dad’s Case Manager is a really good communicator and keeps me up to date on what is going on with my Dad which is so helpful since I live in Chicago and can’t always visit Mankato as often as I would like.

For years, she also accompanied my Dad every Wednesday at noon, so he could be checked out of his memory care unit and attend his weekly Rotary Club meeting. This was an important social connection for my Dad and the organization’s mission was something he believed strongly in. And this social connection for the first two years of his time living in Memory Care greatly helped my Dad’s speaking and cognitive function to stay at a higher place than if he was in isolation.

There is much more I can share about all of the Case Managers who have all been great with my Dad and so supportive.