With FHC acquiring Elder Care Services, how will this affect services that are provided?

Q: I heard you sold your business after 21 years. How will this affect the services Elder Care Services has always provided?

A: I have now reached the wonderful age of 65! While I am not ready to retire from Case Management, I am retiring from many of the responsibilities as the owner of Elder Care Services, Inc. After careful consideration and prayer, I determined Freedom Home Care, LLC would be the best fit for Elder Care Services’ clients and employees. The Case Managers and Case Manager Assistants of Elder Care Services will also be joining the Freedom Home Care team and will continue to serve their personal clients. I will have the opportunity to teach the Freedom Home Care owners and team the unique philosophy and model of Case Management services I have developed over the past 21 years. I believe Freedom Home Care was the best choice because it is locally owned and managed. It is a solid company with a good reputation. The owners are very involved in the Mankato community, and I am in agreement with their philosophy of care and their passion for providing quality care. Freedom Home Care will continue to provide the same great care we’ve always offered at Elder Care Services in addition to the home care services they have been offering the community for the last four years.

Sharon Chader
Licensed Social Worker