What activities can caregivers do with their loved ones in the winter?

Q: What are some activities caregivers can do with a loved one as the weather changes and options for outdoor activities are limited?

Living in Minnesota comes with the benefit of enjoying four beautiful seasons.  However, with the advent of the fall season change, we experience shorter days, colder temperatures and our options for activities change. There are a variety of activities that can prevent isolation along with many other benefits. Exercise, approved by a physician, improves balance and strength. This could be joining in a group exercise class, walking the mall or on an indoor track, aqua aerobics, or chair exercises. Reading books can be a great escape and participating in a book club offers social time along with brain stimulation. Everyone has a story to tell, so offer to assist with writing a loved one’s life story. This meaningful activity is an opportunity for reflection time and reminiscing. Music can be turned on anytime of the day and can set the mood for meditation, dance, and social gatherings while also eliciting memories of past experiences. Taking a trip to the pet store or visiting an animal shelter can be meaningful for animal lovers. Taking a drive can be a fun way to explore the community. Respite care is also available and can provide socialization for your loved one while you get a break from the day-to-day routine of caregiving so you can “fill your cup” and ultimately better care for a loved one. Freedom Home Care offers respite for caregivers, homemaking and companionship services. Please contact us for more information at www.freedomhomecarellc.com or call us 507-387-4663.


Ann Cesafsky 
Licensed Social Worker
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