Why should I have a Case Manager?

Q: I’ve been asking Freedom Home Care clients, why is it important for you to have a case manager?

A: The answers vary. Clients want continuity of care. Enlisting the help of a case manager takes away the burden and stress of “being alone” and adds support at a time when life is changing. Case managers are available when family isn’t living nearby. We identify and coordinate resources and appointments, transport and attend appointments, and facilitate questions the client can ask the provider. Clients know they have a supportive advocate in their corner. Organizing may not be a client’s strong suit but a case manager offers organization and continuity of information. They can provide referrals as needed. Case managers provide follow-up and clients no longer have to feel alone. Knowing you have a trusting relationship with a case manager, especially when family isn’t close, evokes a sense of peace. Peace of mind for the client and family. If a client has signed up for the 24/7 emergency contact service, and there is an emergency, our case managers respond. Clients have voiced this takes away anxiety, uncertainty and eliminates the worry of family due to their inability to be present at a time of crisis. Family is thankful their loved one isn’t alone and appreciative the case manager is updating them. If you are looking for a case manager for yourself or a loved one, please call Freedom Home Care at 507-387-HOME (4663) for more information.


Ann Cesafsky 
Licensed Social Worker