What suggestions do you have for helping out a neighbor that is showing sings of memory loss?

Q: My neighbor shows increasing signs of memory loss. I help him out as much as possible, but I work full time. He is still driving a car and has not had an accident — yet. With winter upon us I am concerned he may get lost. What suggestions can you give me?

A: First of all, I commend you for being such a good neighbor! You might start with identifying people he respects who might be able to talk to him about his memory loss, which could be his children, a pastor, friends, his doctor, or you. People are fearful of admitting memory loss, which is unfortunate because certain types of memory loss can be helped by medications and/or treatment. Tests should be done to determine the type of memory loss he has. It is important for him to have a person or professional coordinate and attend appointments with him. One of our professionally trained staff can be scheduled to meet with him and discuss ways we can assist him and help him stay in his home for as long as possible. We can also coordinate and accompany him to appointments and provide transportation. We offer a free meeting and assessment with no obligation to sign-up for our services.

Sharon Chader
Licensed Social Worker