Why is caring for people so important? From the view of our case manager, Ann Cesafsky.

I’ve been asked who inspired me to become a Case Manager and why is caring for others so important?


Here is my answer…The perks are awesome! I am able to listen to clients and help them sort out the noise in their lives. While learning about their social and medical history I find out their values which help me be a strong advocate. I assist with planning, scheduling, coordinating appointments and facilitating communication with providers and families. Continuity of care is extremely important and writing a client centered care plan ensures our team can provide our clients with care unique to them. Together we address life’s challenges and move forward in a direction that promotes self-determination and independence. When life throws a curve ball at them we are ready to respond. My grandma taught me to persevere despite adversity, laugh often, smell the roses, soak up the sun, take time for others and above all else follow your passion, which for me is to work in a profession that cares for others and meets them where they are at – at home, in nursing homes, or assisted living.  Please contact us at 507-387-4663 and view our services freedomhomecarellc.com.



Ann Cesafsky

Licensed Social Worker


507.387.HOME (4663)