How can a support group help me as a caregiver?

Q: How can I turn from being a lonely, resentful caregiver into the person I used to be before life changed and I became the sole caregiver for my grandma?

A: First of all, I commend you for taking on the role of caregiver. Often times you may feel like being a caregiver is a thankless job and you are all alone. Caregiving isn’t about failing or succeeding. Sometimes it’s about surviving and finding your “life jacket” before you sink. Now is the time to enlist the help of others. Your grandma needs you to be healthy so you can care for her. Joining a support group may be just what you need to rise above the resentment. Listening to others resets your priorities, validates your struggles and gives one insight into how others are coping with a similar situation. Feeling part of a group who understands your resentment may be the first step toward finding yourself again. There are many options for caregiver support groups in our community including a support group I help lead at Crossview Covenant Church on the first Thursday of the month. There is also strength in finding support from friends, church members, and volunteers. If you find yourself increasingly feeling down and depressed talk to a counselor or your doctor for added resources. Freedom Home Care can also be a part of your supportive network by providing respite care services, caregivers and case managers who care about their clients and you as the primary caregiver. You can call Freedom Home Care at 507-387-HOME (4663) for information regarding how we can help.


Ann Cesafsky 
Licensed Social Worker