Ways to stay connected at a time of isolation

During this time of social distancing, how can I remain socially engaged and connected to my family and friends?


A: First of all, I think it’s imperative we think of this time as physically distancing and continue to remain socially engaged. There are many ways to connect with others even when you can’t physically be with them. Send a card to let your loved one know how much they mean to you. Incorporate a favorite saying, write a poem, take photos of flowers and nature and make a card. Call, it’s as simple as calling and saying, “You’ve been on my mind and I wanted to check in with you.” Drop off a craft to complete, a puzzle, or coloring book on their doorstep. Make a favorite meal or drop off a gift card and leave it at the door. A fun idea: ring the doorbell, play their favorite song and stay in your vehicle, visiting from a distance. Make a scrapbook, use photos you have and write down memories of the moments captured in the photos. Visit a loved one through a window and use your phones to hear each other. Face time with a friend. Hang a flower or plant outside a window. Stay safe and STAY CONNECTED! Please call us for more information at 507.387.HOME (4663)


Ann Cesafsky

RN Case Manager


507.387.HOME (4663)