What can I do to reframe my role as a caregiver?

Q: Caregiving can be very stressful. What can I do to reframe my role as a caregiver to promote a more positive experience for my loved one and for me as a caregiver?


A: There are many overlooked rewards to caring for a loved one. One of the most positive rewards is the opportunity to enrich your life. Being there to assist with cares, making important financial decisions and supporting and comforting a loved one gives your life purpose. Connecting with another person one-on-one often leads to enrichment in one’s life and offers opportunity for personal growth. It’s in the everyday listening, being attentive to another person’s needs that puts the focus back on what is important in life. Your loved one will remember how you made them feel, not how many times you did their laundry and assisted with cares. Time spent with a loved one develops a closer connection and ultimately changes the focus to what’s important. Priorities shift from expecting a clean house, no piles of laundry to being in the moment caring for another person. Letting go of expectations involves effort. In life, there are only so many things we can control. Caregiving is an opportunity to practice letting go and practice mindfulness. Being in the moment without stepping into the past and delving into the future. We will all grow older and experiencing the role as a caregiver can be more rewarding if the focus moves from expecting to accepting. Accepting the role and making room for others to help when the need arises. Freedom Home Care offers respite for caregivers, homemaking, companionship, medication management, and hands on assistance with mobility, coordination of care and case management. Knowing when you need to enlist help will also promote a more positive experience for you as a caregiver and for your loved one.


Ann Cesafsky

Licensed Social Worker