What is the value of a personal story?

Q: A family met together with their father to discuss case management services. He agreed they needed a professional to assist with all of his appointments and his declining health. After meeting with a Freedom Home Care Case Manager and signing up for a case management, the family wondered why the Case Manager asked for details of his life story.

As a case manager, I gather information in order to best advocate for clients. I also use the information to build trusting relationships with clients that feel understood and valued. Each client is as unique as the details of their life. The father mentioned above was in the military and regarded structure and order as a “golden rule.” He taught his children to respect others, not to ask for help and stay out of others’ affairs. This information helped me understand that he was very independent and apprehensive about letting others in his life. Once he understood that we could work together so he was an active participant in his own care, he was much more at ease. Understanding his life story gave him dignity and offered choices about what mattered most to him. When he moved into an assisted living, his life story transitioned with him. What mattered most was communicated to the new members of his care team, allowing them to build rapport and a relationship as result of knowing his story. Freedom Home Care offers person-centered Case Management and Home Care. Please contact us for more information at www.freedomhomecarellc.com or call us 507-387-4663.


Ann Cesafsky 
Licensed Social Worker
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