How to overcome the aging process...

Keep Living a Meaningful Life.

Aging can be a challenge. The fact is one day you are independent and the next you may realize you can no longer do it all on your own. Believe it or not, the way you perceive aging can make a difference in how you live your life. How you ask?

Look to reframe how you view your life. Reaching out for assistance doesn’t mean your life if over. It just means it’s changing. Look to support systems you can partner with which can be family, friends, or paid Home Care Services.  The engagement that occurs when you partner with someone can leave you feeling reassured you are not alone. As one assists you with something you may be teaching about aging, history and feel empowered by taking an active role in your care. 

As social creatures we continue to need meaningful relationships and you can develop these at any age. Use your skills, mentoring may be an option, teach others and support people of all ages. Your life experience can be a gift you share with others. Pass on historical events, you lived it, share it. With age comes wisdom, pass it on. Change is inevitable and we will all go through it, try to embrace and accept the aging process.

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Ann Cesafsky

Licensed Social Worker

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