I care for my mother, can I still go on vacation?

Q: I am planning to go on vacation. I check on my mother daily and am available to help her in emergencies. I need peace of mind, knowing someone is there for her while I am gone. Do you have any suggestions?

A: We have had several people in your situation who sign up for our reasonably priced services on a month to month basis. We have someone who can check on your mother daily, or as often as you wish. They can also run errands for her, get groceries, provide companionship, assist with homemaking, and help with day-to-day chores. Provided your mother is able to safely get in and out of a vehicle, we can provide transportation for your mother as well. If your mother becomes ill, we have a licensed professional on call 24/7 to help her and accompany her to doctor appointments or to the emergency room. Prior to your leaving, we would gather all her necessary health care and insurance information, family contacts, and background information so that we would be able to effectively help her. We are diligent in keeping family members updated. Please call us for more information. Caregivers need breaks, so enjoy your vacation!

Sharon Chader
Licensed Social Worker