Can someone residing at an Assisted Living still use home care and case management services?

Q: My mom lives in assisted living. Can she still use your home care and case management services?

Absolutely! Home Care doesn’t have to just be for people that live in a house.  We can help people wherever they call home. We have helped many clients in Assisted Living (AL) and Skilled Nursing (SNF) communities. We find that some of our clients in those settings just need a little bit more assistance than is provided by their AL or SNF. For example, we might offer supervision for an individual with Dementia or one-on-one care for someone who needs extra attention and companionship. We also may provide services to ensure a loved one in the final moments of their life do not have to be alone when family can’t be there. Finally, our Case Management services are very valuable to anyone who needs help getting to medical appointments, has no family or friends close by to serve as an emergency contact or just needs help navigating through the challenges that come with aging. Please contact Freedom Home Care at 507-387-HOME (4663) or for more details on how home care can help your mom.


Christine Nessler 
Owner/Community Outreach
507.387.HOME (4663)