How can I battle the winter blues?

Q: I live alone and I’m uncomfortable leaving my home when it’s so cold and icy outside. I talked to my family on the phone, but I miss the time I used to spend with them and my friends. So many friends are gone or in the same situation where it is hard to get out. What can I do to stop from being so lonely in the winter months?


A: Phone calls and FaceTime or Skype don’t replace human contact.  Although it is hard to get out when you’re nervous about a fall on the ice or have a health condition that makes it more difficult to leave your home, you don’t have to be alone. Freedom Home Care knows how important it is for aging adults to combat loneliness. Feeling lonely doesn’t just make us feel sad, but it also can affect our health. According to the National Social Life, Health and Aging Project, aging adults who feel lonely or isolated are more likely to report having poor physical or mental health. It doesn’t have to be that way. Caregivers can not only visit you in your home, but they can help you get out and see other people as well. Maybe it’s tea at a friend’s house, or a lap around the track at VINE, or a visit to a weekly bible study. If you want more information about how a caregiver can help you combat the winter blues, contact us at 507.387.HOME (4663) or visit our website at


Christine Nessler 
Owner/Community Outreach