It is important to understand grief.

Why is it important for caregivers to understand grief?


Losing loved ones is part of life. Sharing experiences of loss with others creates bonds that can help with processing feelings and open the door to coping skills. Understanding grief and recognizing there isn’t a magic formula on how to grieve is a topic we are discussing with our Freedom Home Care caregivers. Everyone has their own process. Our clients rely on our caregivers to help them remain in their own homes. Consequently, they spend time connecting with those they are caring for and we often overlook the intensity of the relationship. The trust and support that is created is transformative for caregivers, clients and families. At Freedom Home Care we’ve started a support group for caregivers. We understand the import role our clients have in our caregiver’s life. There is a reciprocal relationship created every time we enter into someone’s home. We may be the caregiver, teaching about safety one day and the next day the client shares their life story and we become the student. Please reach out to Freedom Home Care to discuss our services (507-387-4663) or review our services at


Ann Cesafsky

Licensed Social Worker

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