How can I reconnect to my purpose?

Q: What is one’s purpose in life and how can I reconnect to my “purpose” in life now that I’m retired, needing help with activities of daily living and unable to contribute to the world?

Purpose, as a noun, is defined as the reason for which something exists or is done. As human beings, our purpose in life may change during a lifetime. Initially one might view being a parent as a purpose for living. As the years go by, taking care of a parent might be viewed as one’s purpose. As a verb, purpose can be setting a goal for oneself. Viewing purpose from all perspectives can be a role a home care companion can play in redefining purpose. Aging may impede previous goals but new goals can be set and obtainable just by changing one’s idea of purpose. Engaging in social activities, having new interactions and reminiscing may be a start on the journey to rediscover your purpose. Utilizing home care is a reciprocal relationship. The caregivers learn about a client’s history and often discover a new purpose – helping aging adults contribute to the world in new ways. Learning from clients is the best life lesson as it connects the past to the present. Connecting with others makes a difference in how resilient you are and is linked to less chronic illness. Freedom Home Care has Case Management services and Home Care services. Call 507-387-4663 today for more information. 


Ann Cesafsky

Licensed Social Worker

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