Can you help care for a Hospice patient?

Q: We just brought in Hospice to help care for my dad. They provide so many great services, but there are still times when dad may have to be alone because my family isn’t able to be there. We don’t want dad to be alone. Can we get additional help for end of life care?


Hospice focuses on quality of life for their patients. They offer assistance with relieving pain, shortness of breath and other symptoms of end of life so their patient can focus on the people and things they care about the most. At Freedom Home Care we see great value in the comfort care Hospice can offer your dad and your family. We work with Hospice to provide home care services that supplement the visits made by Hospice. Home Care can cover those difficult times when your family is not able to be there including overnight care and even 24-hour care. We offer extra support to your family by filling in the gaps and ensuring you that when you are not able to be by your dad’s side, there will be a caregiver there tending the needs of your dad and making sure he is never alone. We can assist with transfers, personal cares, positioning and medication management. We’ll also make sure the home is clean and the meals are prepared so your family can focus on your loved one. We want your dad to be able to stay home where he is most comfortable in his final days. Please contact Freedom Home Care at 507.387.HOME (4663) if you have questions about how we can provide extra support for your family while your dad is receiving care from Hospice.

Christine Nessler 
Owner/Community Outreach
507.387.HOME (4663)