Case Management for when children live out of town

My children do not live locally. I have friends, but they are elderly and have health problems of their own. If I get sick and need to go to the doctor, who should I call? I may not even feel up to driving to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription.


A: Case Management can be the perfect solution to help people in your situation.  Even people who have local family may not be able to reach them at all times.  Our clients can sign up for our 24 hour emergency contact service, giving them access to an on-call RN or a licensed social worker who will assist in accessing appropriate help.  If the client can be safely transported in our company car, we are licensed and insured to transport.  We not only transport, but accompany the client, providing information to medical personnel, updating their family, and advocating for their needs.  We can also assist with getting prescriptions from the pharmacy, running errands, and lining up any assistance our client may need.  Many married couples use our services, recognizing that our staff provides valuable support to the care giving spouse.  Our clients and their families have great peace of mind knowing we are there when they need us. Please contact Freedom Home Care at 507-387-HOME (4663) if you have questions about Case Management.


Christine Nessler
Owner/Community Outreach
507.387.HOME (4663)