Managing grief and the changes loss brings


I’ve lost a loved one and find it difficult to mourn at this time as I’m unable to plan a funeral due to Covid 19. The loss is especially difficult as our family can’t be together, hug each other and mourn together. What can I do to honor my loved one?


A: Grief is a process and unique to each individual. Acknowledging the loss and finding ways to support each other until a service can be held is important. Talking on the phone, video chats, and identifying what you can control can help you with coping. Looking at photos, reminiscing with family and seeking out good listeners can offer comfort at this time. Light a candle, offer up a prayer, lean on others. Physical distance and socially connect. Being alone is not the natural process when we have a loss. Journal your feelings, they aren’t right or wrong, they just are. Take a walk outside, immerse yourself in nature. Write down memories and share with others. Freedom Home Care can offer Case Management services, Home Care services and Medication Management services. Losing a loved may change your life and your living situation. Please call 507-387-4663 or go to for ways we can assist during this difficult time.


Ann Cesafsky

Licensed Social Worker

507.387.HOME (4663)