Advice for a family caregiver

My spouse has dementia and I am the caregiver. What advice can you
give me?


A: You have a difficult job. You are on duty 24/7. First of all, in order to care for your spouse you must recognize your needs and take care of yourself. You may need to hire someone to stay with your spouse while you have some time away doing activities that will replenish your well-being. Without other caregivers involved, your spouse will become increasingly dependent on you and may not want you to ever leave their side. Freedom Home Care has excellent caregivers to help you and give you respite. Next, you need to have a back-up plan in the event you become ill. If you were in the emergency room, who would be with your spouse? We provide a 24/7 on-call service for our clients so you would have someone to be with your spouse. Lastly, I encourage you to attend a caregiver support group. There are many groups in our area. A support group is an excellent resource for providing information and care giving tips. Please call us for more information at 507.387.HOME (4663)


Ann Cesafsky

Licensed Social Worker

507.387.HOME (4663)