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What is widely viewed as the best and most viable delivery of health care in America?
Infirmed and elderly individuals have been found to prefer home care by 90 percent over
comparable institutional care.


What are some of the reasons for home care?


1. Home care is delivered, as you would expect, at home. Dorothy said it best:
“There’s no place like home.” Certainly, this is a statement that most people
would wholeheartedly agree with. There is nothing like being cared for in the comfort and familiarity of one’s own home.


2. Home care helps keep families together.  At no time is family more important than
during times of illness.


3. Home care helps aging adults maintain their independence. Home care allows
aging adults to continue to live in the place they function best – their home.


4. Home care prevents or postpones institutional life. Living in a long-term care
facility can often be intimidating. Most people prefer postponing that transition as long as possible.


5. Home care helps promote healing. Medical evidence shows that people recover
more quickly at home.


6. Home care means personalized care.  No two people are the same. In-home caregivers allow for a more personalized care plan for each client.


7. Home care often gets the entire family involved in providing care. Immediate
and extended family members often take an active role at different times of the


8. Home care reduces the stress that often accompanies illness. Illness increases
anxiety and stress, but it’s not nearly as great when care is practiced in the home.


9. Home care is delivered by a special group of people. Our caregivers work in this industry because they enjoy the emotional satisfaction of
helping others and for making a difference in the life of another.


10. Home care extends life. Studies by nursing schools and government agencies
have found that home care extends life. Visits by home care personnel often
provide spiritual as well as medical support.


11. Home care improves one’s quality of life. Home care offers people help with the everyday tasks that have become difficult or tiring. It also allows for a one-on-one connection between caregivers and clients.


12. Home care is affordable. The cost of home care is
less expensive than hospitalization and almost always more affordable
than nursing home or assisted living care.


Home care, unlike in the past, is no longer a well-kept secret. There are, after all, at least
12 good reasons for considering home care for a parent, spouse or other loved one.


December 31, 2014 in General Stuff


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